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    Horse Care
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Defended your lovely horse

A healthy spirit stays only in a healthy body. This word applies to not only man but also the racehorse who is the athlete. Close attention is paid also to caring on a racehorse physical side, and it always equips it fully with the laser therapy equipment, the low frequency medical equipment, the Shockwave therapeutic instrument (two types), and the inhalation therapeutic instruments, and regularly it takes off and the professional in Hooves and others each treatment field is invited from foreign countries and Japanese various places to the horse body caring in daily life of an important horse in this place besides trying. A situation enough for the maintenance support on a horse physical side is straightened.

Corrective shoeing
Loaded hoof
Manipulation / Electric acupuncture treatment
Jane touch and electro-acupuncture treatment
Bone scraping, prevent Bucked Shins
To prevent bone periostitis of the treatment of Xiao Gu
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