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    Mental Training
New challenge,listen owner horse's voice of mind.

In process of train racehorse,we strongly feel that "horse depend on man in physical side more than we think.". We wish we can feel what they need,make their racing life workable. This wish is a theme we found as new challenge of train horse. We face issues of "Care racehorse(trained horse)in mental",tag with private mental physician(horse clinician), suggest and offer new training program which stands feeling of owner's horse that traditional farm ever has. The following is a small portion of based on requests from owners and trainers,issues for racehorse(trained horse)which we found.

・While race(training),have hanging habit.
・While race,fear of other horses,cannot demonstrate its ability.
・During race,stop to run hard.
・Though there is no physical disease,There is no ambition.
・It is few respect for man,cannot keep relationship with man.
・While training,dependence on other horses strong,when leave alone,feels anxio
・When step over a drag,scare a drag.
・While training,look at different direction.
・Not good at in and out of gate,stand in gate.
・Not good at right and left of circle exercise,cannot use body correctly.
・Not good at on the bits.
・When treatment,completely dislike injection.
・When put halter,extremely dislike.
・When man lead horse,disobey direction of man etc.

At first glance,the above issues seem to be overlooked as a "habit" that racehorse often has, each horse always has a process of trauma which brought bad habits. we will research cause of above issues with private mental physician(horse clinician)to improve essential issue, devise training program of remedy habit for each horse. Few of horses which already have above issues,through our training program has dramatically improved and had a good race result. Many other horses also have been improved,so owners and trainers gave us good evaluation.

Remedy horse which refuse injection
Horse refused to give an injection to improve the situation
Remedy horse refuse comings and goings of starting gate
Correction horses out of the gates difficult problems
Adjust body balance
Adjust the body position
Remedy horse which scare other horses (through jam)
To improve the other horses are afraid of problems (through MA)
Build trust relations between man and horse
To re-establish trust between man and horse relationship
Remove fear when horse jump and remedy sight
Jumping to eliminate obstacles to the psychological terror, to correct vision
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