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     Message from the President
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Nobuyuki Kato  
Customer satisfaction with the training of race/Training horses satisfied with the staff/To create satisfied with the staff of the company

 Message from President
Kato Stable Co.,Ltd and K's Co.,Ltd are managing racehorse's training farm in Hokkaido Hidaka District.

After the establishment in 1989, we have provided high-quality racehorse training and management skill, to keep improve race-results of owner horse and promote horse racing industry in Japan.

Today, the business environment that surrounds horse racing industry is still severe. But, in such an adversity, the achievement of our group reached the highest increases both in sales and profit ever continuously last year.
Here, we very much appreciate for all horse owners, horse trainers, and all who have given us warmly support and precious suggestions.

Training horse depend on "Imagination"
This year is our 20th founding anniversary.
I think today's our business achievement is result of we have made efforts to train horse and provided satisfactory management service of horse racing. It is impossible to raise from a foal to an excellent racehorse only use valuable training facilities and high-quality feed.
n the process of training from one thoroughbred to excellent racehorse, it is very important that convey our high-quality management skill and trainer's feelings and appreciation to horse.

I have continued to always say to our staff, "Training horse depends on imagination". Racehorse can make a good record at race in the future,only by training horse in this way. Actually, we do in this way. Of course, maybe there are vain things during practice.
After we tried 10 kinds of ways of training horse or breaking horse, there is only one or two way which we can use it.
However, we got over failures many times, at last we had found way of training horse which good for horse. Now, we already made out original management way, we feel very proud of it.

Horse mentally rely on us more than we think.
During training horse, we deeply feel that horse mentally rely on human more than we think.
We will feel horse's needs as much as possible, make them stay best race conditions at all the short and cruel of race life. This wish is just our new challenge of training horse.
About " Racehorse's metal care", we cooperate with horse mental clinician, will provide new training programs which other training farm ever has .

Young horsemen, Have Professionalism!!
I believe training horse and training human is the same.
I always tell to our staff, "You are professionals". Riding at training farm is completely different from the race.
During nurture before horses compete race,there is a territory where even professional jockey cannot enter.
It is wonderful thing can communicate with horse, it is more wonderful thing to make it your job. Horse can improve personal quality, and make us kind.
I should tell my feeling for horse to young generation, I do believe this should be closely related to our company's further development.
In the future, we also cannot be satisfied with the status, while we are seeking for new things anytime, we still remember what ever be changed.

Please expect our progress in the future.

January, 2008

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